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Summer suite


Year: 2016


  • Joint exhibition in The House of Culture “Kostino” (Korolev, Russia, 2014);
  • Solo exhibition “Memories of dreams” in Lubim Museum of History (Lubim, Russia, 2015);
  • Joint exhibition in The House of Culture of Oil industry workers (Yaroslavl, Russia, 2015);
  • Solo exhibition in Artspace “Shtab” (Kazan, Russia, 2015).



Author: Pavel Viktorovich Yakovlev

Year: 2016

Size: 60 x 70 cm

Technique: Oil on canvas

Shipment: from Russia


Author’s notes:

“A summer sunny day inspired the picture. Here is my cousin with his girlfriend painted in the picture. We went for a walk in the countryside before I decided to create a work of art. The clouds made me draw a picture. I like these clouds”.





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