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Conversation with the fish

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Year: 2014


  • Joint exhibition in The House of Culture of Oil industry workers (Yaroslavl, Russia, 2015);
  • Solo exhibition in Artspace “Shtab” (Kazan, Russia, 2015).



Author: Pavel Viktorovich Yakovlev

Year: 2014

Size: 70 x 60 cm

Technique: Oil on canvas

Shipment: from Russia


Author’s notes:

“There is a part of the paintings, the images of which come to me for a split second. It comes in the form of flashes in conjunction with any actions from outside or with my thoughts or all together. The ‘Conversation with the fish’ is just one of these outbreaks. I saw a fish floating near the surface of the water. A man is on a stone levitating over the water. Ships are leaving for a long voyage. The ships show the lightness, insouciance of the world that I depict. A cat is as a conductor between consciousness and the subconscious. By the way, it is in the subconscious now. The head of a person is full of subconscious energy. You can say he is sleeping and talking with a fish in a dream. The seed which he drops into the water… It is the “conversation”.

There is one fact more. The painting was for ‘conversation’ between two painters. It was like a sentence. But the conversation wasn’t because of some factors”.




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